My Soul Collection

We are creating personalized jewellery to inspire and complete your unique style. By engraving your any personalized words or quotes on your jewellery. We will design the unique piece of your character.

Elegance and personal engraved.

Our collection of jewellery with your individual engraving suitable for any occasion of your live. It will perfectly describe your intentions towards people that you love. You can order our jewellery as a lovely present for weddings, birthday parties or any other celebration.

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  • 01. Personalized Jewellery

    We can accomplish any idea you have in your mind and make it real. It could be coordinates of the place that you have memories with or favorite person. The uniqueness of your jewellery depends only on you!

  • 03. The production time is 2-3 days.

    We will make it and deliver it to you very soon. The time of production will take only 2-3 days since you make your order.

  • 02. Elegance & Quality

    We create our products out of the high quality polished steel so we guarantee that it will not rust or oxidize from contact with body, salt or chlorinated water.  You can wear it anytime and anywhere!

  • 04. Easy Size Adjustment

    They are one size fits all. You can adjust the bracelet by the two flexible metal ends. They are high quality and flexible, so the will not break under any circumstance.

Designed for Those Who Evade Limits

We really wanted to create something special, something that will emphasize your unique personality and make any of your special moments remarkable and individual. We will engrave and capture it to make it last forever, so you can always keep these memories with you. Let’s make it real! Choose your personal piece right now!

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"My bracelets are beautiful, price great, service fantastic, was really happy all round."

Annie, Limassol